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Project Description

Digital Fortress is a security suite for .Net 3.0. It's a WCF service with authentication and authorization purposes.


Are you tired of creating a new Authentication and Authorization module for EVERY SINGLE application you write? Well these days are finally over.

Digital Fortress is the ultimate security suite. It features authentication, authorization, single sign-on and statistics in a single suite.

There's something you miss in the Digital Fortress suite? Please feel free to let us know and we'll implement it as fast as possible. Wanna contribute? Leave a message in the discussions area of the project and join the team! Don't have the time to join the project and still wanna contribute? Click in the source code tab and upload a patch to include the functionality you need.

Vision Statement

Digital Fortress Vision Statement shows what it's really about from a objective point of view. More than just documentation, it's the prospect that guides us to the Digital Fortress future.


[07-Aug-2007 - Bernardo Heynemann] - Included in the Vision Statement the use of ACL-based authorization. We are very thrilled with that idea. Please contribute.
[20-Jun-2007 - Bernardo Heynemann] - We need help from you in the Open Source community. How do you think authentication between an agent and a service should be implemented? Please help this answering here.
[19-Jun-2007 - Bernardo Heynemann] - A lot of specification is being made in the Vision Statement. This is the time to help us build a killer security suite. Lots of descriptions on the services, the agents, even test cases on each agent operations. Check out and help us improve the documentation.



Team´s Blogs

Bernardo Heynemann

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010  |  From while(availableTime>0) {

Yeah guys, I finally took courage to get my own domain and setup a new blog there . I'd like to thank a lot Michael Rumminer for the opportunity to host my blog here! It was a really good way to get my thoughts organized and express myself! Thanks man!...(read more)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009  |  From while(availableTime>0) {

Introduction I know it has been a while since I wrote anything and I can come up with a number of good excuses as to why: New job at Learning A LOT and working hard to improve our current development ecosystem. Pyccuracy and Skink maturing....(read more)

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