This project is read-only.
Please use this area if:
  • You want help on using a certain feature (TAG = User Doubt).
  • There's a request you'd like in the Digital Fortress Suite, but you don't know if it's already there, or are not sure if it's feasible (TAG = Feature Request).
    • If you are sure that it's not already implemented and that it's feasible, please do one of the following:
      • Implement the feature, go to the Source Code Tab and contribute it as a patch.
      • Create a Issue in the Issue tracker and the DF team will analyze your request and prioritize it, if the team decides on implementing it.
  • There's something amazing that you did using the Digital Fortress Suite and you'd like to share (TAG = User Experience).
  • To share that you are using Digital Fortress in an online application that people can use (to show that we ARE NOT lying :), IT WORKS!). (TAG = Sample Application)
  • To share with us that you created an article illustrating the use of Digital Fortress (PLEASE PLEASE DO, We encourage the community to help us spread the word!). (TAG = Article)

To Grant or not To Grant

first post: Heynemann wrote: Do you guys think that grant (permission) should be a first-class c...

Agent Authentication

first post: Heynemann wrote: One of the security issues we've encountered so far is how to authe...

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